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Missed the best entry point for Bitcoin? CoNET opens a door for traditional retail investors

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FX168 - The barriers of monopoly in the internet industry are being broken down as CoNET's technology, which replaces IP addresses with encrypted wallets, elevates VPNs to another dimension, eliminating security risks associated with the collection of private data. They have now launched the Guardian Program, an open-source project sharing economic profits, enabling traditional retail investors to join the internet revolution at a low cost.

CoNET is building the next internet revolution with a new transmission protocol, with over 200,000 early miners already onboard.

(Source: CoNET)

Based on Satoshi Nakamoto's Layer One protocol, CoNET's Layer Minus has emerged, giving encrypted wallets new life.

With CoNET replacing IP addresses with encrypted wallets, interactions between people no longer carry security risks of illegal data collection, theft, or tracking.

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It is the first decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) of the Blast ecosystem, a superstar L2 public chain, collaborating with CoNET.

DePIN refers to the application of blockchain technology and decentralization principles to physical infrastructure and systems.

Leading with a decentralized spirit, CoNET is committed to "allowing power to be decentralized," enabling not only everyone to participate in the project but also seamless access.

Thus, CoNET has launched the Guardian Program.

Guardians are an indispensable core of the new internet ecosystem built by CoNET and are governance members of decentralized networks responsible for overseeing, governing, and sustaining CoNET's long-term development.

Upon joining the Guardians, various shared benefits are conferred:

1. User Guardian Super Nodes;

(Source: CoNET)

2. Free use of DCPN network;

(Source: CoNET)

3. Shared CoNET hardware miner revenue;

(Source: CoNET)

4. Gift of Power Card hardware miner;

(Source: CoNET)

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5. Share Blast official airdrops;

(Source: CoNET)

6. Sharing of CoNET operator revenue.

Guardian Program Pricing:


Guardian Super Node Points Reward:

Within 24-48 hours after completing the purchase of the "Guardian Plan," the system will activate a super node for guardians, requiring no client management. It will provide uninterrupted service to the CoNET network 24 hours a day, generating CNTP points as rewards for guardians.

All super nodes of the Guardian Plan globally will commence mining within one month after the launch of CoNET platform V2.

The points for each super node are distributed using the Booster acceleration method. The more Guardian nodes purchased, the higher the Booster acceleration coefficient.

The Booster acceleration coefficient is determined by the accumulated number of Guardian purchases under the same wallet address.

Guardian Invitation Reward:

CoNET allows inviting friends to join the CoNET network through invitation codes.

For each invited guardian, a 10% incentive commission will be rewarded in USDT.

Buyback Mechanism:

In adherence to the investment security of buyers of the "Guardian Program," the project commits to buyback at cost.

1. One year after successful purchase of the Guardian Program, buyers can execute the buyback agreement via smart contract in USDT assets at 100% of the purchase price;

2. The buyback lock-up period is within one year from the date of purchasing the Guardian Program;

3. During the buyback lock-up period, if the CoNET token CONET is successfully listed on one of the exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, OKX, or Bitget, Guardians have a 7-day cooling-off period to decide on the buyback. If the cooling-off period is missed and the Guardian does not activate the buyback, the system will automatically deem the Guardian as having forfeited the buyback right;

4. Upon activation of the buyback, all relevant Guardian benefits will automatically disappear, but the exchange referral points CNTP for CONET tokens, Blast airdrop tokens, and CoNET portable hardware miners can be retained. The CONET tokens exchanged for super node points will be destroyed, and ownership of the super nodes will revert to the CoNET project. Portable hardware miners can continue to participate in PoS mining, but the computing power will be the same as that of regular users.

It should be noted that referral persons enjoying incentive commissions cannot receive commissions if they themselves are not Guardians. Furthermore, points are rewards from the CoNET network for early contributors and are important credentials for obtaining CoNET tokens.

For more details, please visit the CoNET official website and check the Guardian Program.

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